Posts at the It Ain’t Magic science blog fall under several different themes. You can read about scientific topics that interest us. We will give you our thoughts, and we hope you will give us yours. We want to create an interactive environment that allows people who are interested in science to satisfy their curiosity.

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When possible, we will bring you short interviews with scientists at RIKEN so that you can get an idea about what drives our scientists and what they hope to achieve in the long-run.

If you are interested in the lives of science communicators, you might enjoy our posts that relate our team’s experiences attending conferences or participating in workshops and seminars.


If you care most about what’s being done right now, you will enjoy our thoughts about recently published papers and the press releases we write when RIKEN researchers publish papers that we think are really cool.

You will see tooltips with extra info and graphics when hovering over words highlighted in yellow (or by tapping the word on a mobile device and then tapping the tooltip to exit). For example, you might see one if I were writing a post about [itg-mediatip mediatip-type=”localimage” mediatip-content=”{"url":"","id":1550,"link":""}” mediatip-link=”undefined”]SARC bodies[/itg-mediatip] , explaining how the number of SARC bodies decreases as muscle cells (myoblasts) fuse to form muscle fibers. (You can follow this link to find out how they were discovered at RIKENhow they can function as markers of cellular stress, and why they are needed for muscle-cell differentiation).