RIKEN at a Glance front cover
RIKEN at a Glance front cover

RIKEN at a Glance


We’ve just gotten our order of RIKEN at a Glance booklets back from the printers, and they look fantastic. Both the content and the design were done completely in-house by the It Ain’t Magic crew (aka us, aka the Global Communications Team). So, we had a lot more flexibility and could make adjustments to the text and the layout much more quickly and much more often. In previous years, our annual report was more business-like and was organized by research center.

This year we have broken away from that that format. Instead of focusing on each research center separately, we decided to focus on topics like regenerative medicine, diseases, and plant science, integrating research from multiple centers, and emphasizing the positive impact RIKEN has on society. We think this is a better way to show how all the centers are working towards the same goals. We put a lot of effort into it this year, and it’s nice to see that the final product looks the way we had hoped.

Inside, you can find:

  • An interview with Rita Colwell, former directer of the United States National Science Foundation and current Chair of the RIKEN Advisory Council
  • Recent scientific achievements and research results
  • An introduction to life at RIKEN
  • Profiles of each research center
  • A cute cartoon of President Matsumoto
  • Cool images

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