Glomerular responses to the smell of bananas from the RIKEN Brain Science Institute.

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Please enjoy these videos. There should be something for everyone. Additional videos can be seen on our YouTube page.

Science seminar: Neurobiology and Machine Learning 1, part 1. The rest of lecture 1 is available on our YouTube channel and the entire series will be available soon!

RIKEN Research Highlight: Scoping out cosmic rays.

RIKEN Research Highlight: Environmentally friendly hydrogels. related article

K computer: simulating traffic around the world (short version). longer version is here.

RIKEN Research Highlight: Restoring vision in mice. article.

It Ain’t Magic Short: avoiding CO2. article

I Ain’t Magic Short: dendritic spikes. article.

Working at RIKEN

Introduction to RIKEN

Intro to the K computer

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